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Blemishes, eczema & oily skin: Are you stuck with it?

Blemishes, eczema & oily skin: Are you stuck with it?
The breakouts, even at this age. The dry, red flakes at your elbows or the back of your neck that make you shy from short sleeves or ponytails. The shine of your forehead. Whatever adult skin condition you’re struggling with, we’ve got good news: You’re not totally stuck with your skin.

Everyone deserves balanced, clear skin—a complexion that lets your natural beauty have its moment. If you’ve been battling skin challenges you thought you’d inherited and had given up on overcoming, what we have to say in this article could change everything…

The oily t-zone

When your face gets oily, it’s often because your skin is actually trying to balance itself. You might be using products to clean your skin that could actually be stripping your natural oils. When your skin tries to over-replenish, that’s when you start to see the oily t-zone.

What can be done?

It might seem surprising, but we suggest fighting oil with…oil! Counterintuitive as it might seem, applying oils can actually help balance natural oil production.

Now, not all oils are the same. Comedogenic oils can actually clog your pores and cause breakouts. Avoid, cheaper, lower quality oils or oils you happen to have around the house (ie coconut oil). Opting for higher end oils for the face means the molecules are smaller and are absorbed all the better.

It’s called a perfecting face oil, and we recommend it to women struggling with oily skin because this light and fast-absorbing oil hydrates and evens skin tone, texture and pigmentation all at once.

Another culprit when it comes to oily t-zones is extremely dehydrated skin. When your face needs moisture, it can’t produce its own water, but it can produce oil. Drinking enough water to stay hydrated can go a long way toward achieving balanced skin.


While we can’t prevent hormonal breakouts from occurring, we can treat them in a way that helps reduce the swelling and redness. What’s important to remember is that a pimple is an inflammation—an eruption—and if we treat it that way, we’ll likely be able to minimize its appearance and say farewell to it a little sooner.

If you have blemishes throughout the month, it’s important to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer that’s not heavy or pore-clogging. A light serum with a potent dose of actives can nourish and heal while balancing skin tone. Plus, serums or elixirs are free of wax, which is the last thing you want on a blemish.

Overnight, this spot treatment dramatically heals and treats breakouts with a unique combination of black cumin seed, tea tree oil and other natural yet powerful ingredients.

An ideal blend for acne-prone skin of all extremes, Pure & Calm is a blend of herbal extracts to soothe inflammation as well as hydrating hyaluronic acid to moisturize without causing oiliness.

It’s as light as it is hydrating—perfect for breakout prone and sensitive skin.

You can also get your breaking-out skin the healing and nourishment it needs internally! A cup of skullcap tea before bed is a gentle way to help with inflammation. Your best defense against any skin issue, including acne, is water—so stay hydrated.


What so many women don’t know is, eczema is often a sign that, internally, an irritant or allergy is acting up. For many, the dry, cracking eczema rashes are often a sign of a food sensitivity. If you are open to the idea and would like to learn more, a Naturopath can perform a blood test that can indicate any food intolerances.

If you’ve suffered from eczema for a long time, your skin has been in a reactive, moisture-depleted state for so long, that it’s beyond dry and cracked; it’s fragile. To treat blistery flare-ups, look for a moisturizer rich in emollients with very minimal ingredients to act as a gentle salve. Avoid essential oil, preservatives, water and wax—look for a rich but simple butter.

While Om Organics doesn’t make a butter suited to eczema, we are always happy to share our holistic skin care expertise!

Wondering how your skin would benefit from our totally clean formulas? Shop our natural skincare products by skin type and find just the right bottles to bring out your own youthful glow!
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