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Om is an organic skincare company headquartered in Invermere, BC, Canada. Everything we make is plant-based and totally clean.

We’re looking for retailers that are authentic, transparent and believe in conscious consumerism. If that’s you, please complete the form. A member of our Om team will reach out.

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“My experience with Om Organics has been absolutely amazing! Our customers love the products and they literally fly off of the shelves. The B2B site is extremely easy to navigate and orders can be placed quickly, which is a huge bonus since we have to order frequently! Love these products and the personable service with commitment to our earth.”

FILL, Vernon

“When choosing brands, Oak+Tonic wants to ensure our core mission statement is aligned with each business we chose to work with. It goes to say, without a doubt, we have received the utmost professionalism from Om Organics. Our continued success and growth together thus far is a testament in itself and we hope to keep on this path and foster a business relationship that is mutually beneficial for many years to come.”

Wil Lakatos
Oak+Tonic, Calgary