Cruelty Free Skincare: How to Shop with Compassion

Cruelty Free Skincare: How to Shop with Compassion

When you think of animal testing, you might imagine tiny white mice or mangy lab rats, but often, beauty products are tested on animals like rabbits and beagles. As you strive to shop consciously, how can you be sure the serum or lip balm in your shopping cart is free of animal cruelty? 

We’re talking all about cruelty free skincare—what you should know and what you can to do help protect animals from cruelty. 


What is cruelty free skincare? 

Like so many labels in the cosmetics industry, ‘cruelty free’ is a claim any brand can make. 

Without a legal definition, for some brands, saying they’re free of animal cruelty might mean: 

  • The final product hasn’t been tested on animals (but some ingredients may have)
  • Individual ingredients haven’t been tested on animals (but the final product has)
  • The brand hasn’t tested on animals (but ingredient suppliers may test on animals)


What does cruelty free skincare mean at Om? 

At Om, we care deeply about the earth and animals. Unlike us, rabbits and beagles and monkeys don’t have a voice. They need us to stand up and speak for them. So we do. 

Cruelty free skincare at Om means:

  • Our final products are never tested on animals
  • Individual ingredients are never tested on animals—by us or our suppliers


How can you find cruelty free skincare products?

At the bottom of every Om box, you’ll see the Leaping Bunny logo.

To become a Leaping Bunny company certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), Om must demonstrate it meets strict criteria for making animal-friendly skincare. 

Leaping Bunny has some great guides and an app to help you shop compassionately for products free of animal testing at all stages of product development. 

PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies program also recognizes animal test-free products. 

Another label you’ll find on any Om box is the ‘V’ for vegan: That means our entire product line is free of animal-derived ingredients. 


What else can you do to vote for change and help protect animals? 

We asked ourselves the same question, and that’s when we learned about the Beagle Freedom Project, bravely saving beagles and other animals subject to testing. Learn more about their important advocacy and rescue work, and why we’ve become passionate BFP supporters donating 1% of every transaction to their mission.

BFP has also developed the Cruelty Cutter App, which scans labels of major skincare manufacturers so you know if the company tests on animals. 

Shopping with compassion and supporting cruelty free skincare brands doing even more to lead change are two simple ways you can cast your vote for a future that’s kinder to animals. 


Is animal testing in cosmetics necessary? 

No. The reason archaic animal testing exists is that in the race for the latest and greatest, some skincare makers develop formulations with new chemical compounds. Organic skincare free of chemicals has less need for experimental research.


Is cruelty free better for your skin?

We believe so. Plant-based ingredients that are totally clean and free of toxins are naturally more nourishing and beneficial for your skin. Eco-friendly skincare brands tend to be pretty devoted to both the environment and your health, and that means higher quality products and good things for all of us. Learn more in our article, The Beauty of Sustainable Skincare.
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