Double Cleansing: What it is and why you'll love it

Double Cleansing: What it is and why you'll love it

Are you looking for a way to remove residue, makeup, and other impurities from your face without stripping or drying out your skin? Using the double cleansing technique as part of your skincare routine can help. Developed in Asia, double cleansing is a technique that has more recently picked up steam in North America. Learn about the benefits of double cleansing, how to double cleanse, why it works so well on sensitive and acne-prone skin, and why it serves as the perfect makeup and sunscreen remover.

So what exactly is double cleansing?

Just as it sounds, double cleansing involves using two different types of cleansers (one right after the other) to remove makeup, sunscreen and impurities from your skin. Using two natural, plant-based cleansers allows you to do a very thorough cleanse while maintaining supple, balanced skin. The most common practice is to start with a cleansing oil or balm (oil-based), followed by a cleansing gel (water-based).

How to double cleanse:

Follow these skincare routine steps when double cleansing:

  1. Start by washing your face with a pure oil-based cleanser or balm. Apply the cleanser directly to your face (water is not necessary) and massage it into the skin for best results.

  2. Remove the cleanser with a hot, damp facecloth.

  3. Next, apply a water-based cleansing gel. Add a dime size of gel into the palm of your hand with a splash of water and lather.

  4. Massage into your face using circular motions.

  5. Remove the suds with a few splashes of warm water and pat the skin dry with a clean towel.

What is the difference between oil-based and water-based cleansers?

An oil-based cleanser that contains skin-soothing natural oils is excellent for removing all types of makeup and stubborn, hard-to-remove sunscreen formulas. A cleansing oil will also help clear the way for your water-based cleanser so you can gently remove excess oil and any remaining impurities.

Why Should You Double Cleanse?

While double cleansing isn't for everyone, it can be a skin-saver for those who wear transfer-proof makeup and mineral-based sunscreens. Double cleansing not only helps to remove these substances, but it also prepares your skin for any skincare products you apply after cleansing.

While the concept behind double cleansing is to use an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser, you can choose to wash twice with the same cleanser type. If you're worried about acne or breakouts, use two water-based cleansers. If you have dry, sensitive skin, use two oil-based cleansers.

Double cleansing with natural and organic products made from plants immensely helps those with oily skin when their regular cleanser isn't doing enough to remove excess oil from their skin. Using two gentle natural cleansers over one strong cleanser helps to prevent harsh stripping and dried-out skin.

How often should you double cleanse?

While it is safe to double cleanse every day, you should consider how often you wash your face when thinking about double cleansing. If your skincare regime is to apply the basics —cleanser, toner, and moisturizer—then you may choose to single cleanse in the morning and then double cleanse at night in order to best remove makeup and sunscreen.

While double cleansing works as a complete cleaning solution for different skin types, you may prefer to single cleanse when travelling, so you don't have to carry more than one product.

What facial cleansers work best for double cleansing?

Om Organics' Blue Azul Soothing Cleansing Oil is an oil-based cleanser with nourishing ingredients that feed the skin with healthy fats. Containing soothing herbal ingredients, such as blue tansy and rosehip oils, Om Organics' Blue Azul facial cleanser works to reduce redness and breakdown makeup and sunscreen while combating dry and sensitive skin.

Om Organics' White Willow Purifying Gel is a water-based cleanser that cleans your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. With a lively pepper and citrus scent, this uplifting gel contains salicylic acid, which works like a gentle exfoliator that does not over-dry the skin.


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