Everyday Hair Care Tips for Luscious Tresses

Everyday Hair Care Tips for Luscious Tresses

Is your hair feeling a little lackluster lately? Environmental factors, stress, and hormones can play a big role in the look and feel of our hair, which is why we formulated our hair care category with powerful, 100% natural ingredients specifically chosen for their ability to revive and nourish tresses. If you want to improve your overall hair health, increase density, and promote regrowth, keep reading!


Before washing your hair, apply the Amla Seed + Rosemary Scalp Treatment Serum to your scalp in one-inch sections, working front to back, and gently massage the serum into the roots. Then, apply the Hibiscus + Daikon Seed Protective Hair Oil to the lengths of your hair and use a soft boar bristle brush to distribute the oils evenly throughout. Add gentle heat from your blow dryer for three minutes, and then carefully wrap your hair up in a warm microfiber towel, fresh from the dryer for as long as you like. If you plan on sleeping with the oils in, use a silk or satin bonnet and follow with your hair wash routine in the morning.


When shampooing, focus on your scalp, and don’t be afraid to rinse and repeat. As you wash the suds away, allow the lather to rinse down your strands, giving them a gentle cleanse.

Pro tip: our sulfate-free Pink Coconut 4-in-1 Lather Bar works as an ultra-gentle and nourishing shampoo! Perfect for sensitive scalps.


When conditioning the hair, use water to activate the product and really work the conditioner into your hair. Leave the product in as you work through your shower routine to give it time to soften your tresses. Properly conditioned hair should feel like a squishy marshmallow before rinsing.

Use our Coconut + Pracaxi Deep Conditioning Hair Mask at least once a week to intensely moisturize, detangle, shine, and soften.

Pro tip: Our Coconut + Pracaxi Hair Mask creates the perfect slick back bun! To create this look, apply the mask from root to tip. Then, use a brush/comb to pull hair back into a sleek low bun. This is the perfect solution for when you don’t have time to let the hair mask work its magic during your shower.


Apply the Hibiscus + Daikon Seed Protective Hair Oil to damp or dry hair before styling to serve as a heat protectant. To finish, apply 1-2 drops to freshly styled hair as a finishing oil to deliver weightless shine and touchable softness. A little goes a long way with this product!

Lastly, Remember that anyone and everyone can benefit from an intentional natural hair care routine!

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