Face food: What to cook to enjoy your most glowing complexion

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It’s fall now. That means crimson footprints of leaves on sidewalks, wool sweaters you swear you’ll finally de-pill, and mugs of…hot turmeric? It’s true! October is the time to nourish and warm up with hearty, cozy foods—some you might never have guessed—that have just what your skin needs for a beautiful fall glow.

So very many foods are good for your skin, but we’ve prepared a list of our favourites to help you enjoy the bounty of the season and the nutrients your skins needs most.

This is one powerful spice! Turmeric is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Of course, turmeric also brings you a nice and warm, rich flavor with just a hint of spice—perfect for fall. Here’s a golden milk recipe we love around here!

Golden Milk
  • Warm up your preferred type of milk on the stove
  • Blend in a dash of turmeric, cinnamon and honey
  • Enjoy this sweet, comforting drink in your favorite mug

Om Organics also carries The Gut Lab’s Power Potion, a powder that can be added to hot beverages or smoothies, etc. Its turmeric and other flu-fighting ingredients pack a punch! (In a really nice yes-I-can-breathe-and-sleep-again kind of way.)

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are kind of like carrots, but better. They’re just as rich in the beta carotene that helps to prevent sun damage, but they’re sweet! Sweet potatoes also help keep your skin healthy by acting as a natural sun block, which is important when the sun is still shining but we might be less mindful about sun protection.

We love sweet potatoes in soups, stews, salads, casseroles…just about any fall food, really!

Here is a sweet potato, butternut and red lentil stew recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook that’s always a crowd-pleaser this time of year.

Bell Peppers
Red and yellow bell peppers are both incredibly rich in vitamin C, a nutrient your skin needs to regenerate bright new skin cells. We say keep it easy and chop them up or roast them with a bit of salt and olive oil!

Bone Broth
If your skin could talk, it would whisper: Bone broth, please. That’s because bone broth is loaded with collagen, the protein that hydrates your skin and promotes elasticity. As we age, our bodies produce less and less of it on our own, so bone broth is a wonderful, belly-warming way to keep your skin plush and wrinkles at bay.

If you don’t make your own bone broth, look for a fresh batch at your farmers’ market or natural foods store.

Sometimes, we just need to feel fall, even when it’s all around us. The comfort and the warmth. The nature and the possibilities.

One of our favourite fall blends for fall is:
  • 3 drops of sweet orange
  • 3 drops of cedarwood
  • 2 drops bergamot
  • 2 drops frankincense

Together, these four oils recreate that rich, grounding fall scent that works so well in the fall months. The refreshing citrus oils complement the woodsy bergamot and the comforting spice of frankincense. We love it any time day all fall long!

If you’d rather leave the blending to us, our Fresh Start signature essential oil blend is an invigorating, uplifting mix that renews with every drop! We also highly recommend our Fresh Start Bath Soak when you need a boost—perfect for the kids’ naptime or after bedtime.

What else could help you achieve your most flawless skin? Shop the Om Organics must-haves according to six unique skin types and find natural yet powerful skin care formulated just for you!
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