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How your skin changes as you age and why your skincare routine should too

How your skin changes as you age and why your skincare routine should too

Its kind of a beautiful thing, the way your face reflects the moments that have shaped your life. We love the idea of embracing that story and your skin—and giving it the best care you can. So, what does your skin need as you age, and whats happening beneath the surface anyway? 



As we age, physiological changes cause the skins outer layers to begin to thin, and that impacts your skin in several ways, including: 

  • The colour of your skin lightens while dark spots stay dark, causing pigmentation to seem even darker
  • Skin elasticity decreases, which is caused by UV exposure over time breaking down the skin’s elastin tissues
  • Dryness increases
  • Sensitivity is more likely as the skin’s outer layers are thinner and more fragile. Mature skin that becomes sensitive can take up to four years longer to heal from a reaction.

While the clock will carry on, theres so much you can do to be proactive and give your skin the extra protection it needs as you age. 



1. Layer serums and moisturizers 

This one small shift can make a tremendous difference in your skins moisture levels. After cleansing and toning, apply your face oil or elixir first, and then your cream. The ingredients in an oil or elixir penetrate the deepest, so you want to apply those first. The heavier texture and wax-like nature of your cream acts as a seal to keep moisture in place. 

TRY: Marula + Cactus Age Age-Defying Face Oil

2. Refine your skins texture with AHA

Natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) have one amazing job: break down dead skin cells to reveal new cells that are softer and more radiant (learn more in our article Get Your Glow on & Say Goodbye to Dull Skin). 

As part of your weekly skincare routine as your skin ages, try to fit in a mask that contains AHA for a gentle, natural exfoliant. 

TRY: Superfruit AHA Brightening Masque

3. Protect the skin near your eyes

The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, and that only increases as you age. Treating this area early is an important way to help prevent fine lines. 

If you are in your thirties, definitely start thinking about using eye care products now, and if youre in your forties, now is the time to make it a staple in your skincare routine. Your future self will thank you. Stay tuned to learn about our new eye care formulation coming soon.

4. Lean on collagen

Think of collagen as the scaffold that strengthens your skin cells. Using products that help boost collagen production helps keep your skin looking plump and youthful. Seek out products that include these collagen-building ingredients: 

  • Tripeptide-29
  • Gotu kola extract

TRY: Youth Infusion Age Defying Face Elixir 



  • Do keep your skin hydrated with rich moisturizers that bring you higher levels of antioxidants and nourishing humectants, such as vitamin E, vegetable glycerin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. TRY: Coconut Dew Hyaluronic Moisture Cream
  • Don’t use harsh soaps that damage the skin’s lipid barrier. Try oil-based soaps or cleansing balms instead. 
  • Do use cool to lukewarm water only when washing your face to help protect your skin’s lipid barrier.
  • Don’t use skincare that’s heavily perfumed. As your skin becomes thinner, these products can cause skin irritations.
  • Do drink water—lots of it, all year round.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the sun, and when you are outside in the warmer months especially, use a broad sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection daily.
  • Do change up your products from time to time. Once you find something you love, you’ll probably want to stick with it forever, but your skin can develop an intolerance to products used over time so if it’s been a while or your skin care feels less effective, considering making a shift. 


Wondering what other ingredients and skincare routines you could be incorporating to help your skin age beautifully? Weve got a mini face care kit for that. Shop our age-conscious kit so you can try travel-size samples of all eight products, from our Youth Infusion Age Defying Face Elixir to our Superfruit AHA Brightening Masque. 


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