It’s here! Our new mint hand gel is your sanitizer saviour!

It’s here! Our new mint hand gel is your sanitizer saviour!
If some of the high-alcohol content hand sanitizers leave you feeling queasy because of the slimy feel or the tequila smell, we have good news!

At Om Organics, we knew we had to formulate an effective yet gentle hand sanitizer that you would actually want to use. And now it’s here. We are so excited to announce the launch of our new mint purifying hand gel!

It’s safe. It has a refreshing minty scent. And even the bottle design gives you reason to smile.

Here is what’s in our new mint purifying hand gel, and why you’ll love it:

Some hand sanitizers have an alcohol content as high as 80%! These flammable sanitizer products can really irritate the skin, leaving your hands dry, cracked and red. Our purifying hand gel is 68% alcohol—an amount that’s strong enough to battle germs yet gentle on your skin and senses.

Mint is a natural antiseptic. With menthol and menthone elements, mint is terrific at fighting certain types of bacteria fighters on its own, but we’ve also paired it with alcohol because mint is the only essential oil with enough gusto to rise above the alcohol scent. Now, instead of being reminded of late nights in your early twenties, you can sanitize and inhale the cool, beautiful essence of mint leaves.

With so much washing and bacteria killing, your hands need some nourishment! Our mint purifying hand gel also brings you aloe to counteract the drying effect of alcohol. With this soothing natural anti-inflammatory at work, our hand gel keeps your hands soft and smooth.

With such a hard-working yet gentle formulation, this is a great sanitizer for young families.

The Om Organics purifying mint hand gel not only feels and smells more like a treasured beauty product, it also looks like one!

We took care to design the label with hints of gold and peppermint green because we can all use a little more sparkle right now. Plus, with that holiday feel, it’s a lovely little stocking stuffer!

The mint hand gel is available in two sizes:
  • 8 oz bottle so you have plenty at home
  • 2 oz bottle so you have just what you need in your bag

While some people might be tempted to create a clean, natural DIY hand sanitizer, we encourage caution as there are several different types of alcohol, some of which can have a very adverse effect on your skin.

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