OM at Home

OM at Home

Something special happens when you go from routine to ritual; when daily, mundane habits become their own little self care experiences.

It's really down to a shift in mindset - shifting away from a feeling of 'have to' and realizing how beneficial small daily rituals truly are, how they help us slow down and enjoy the little things, how they set the mood and turn a house into a home. 

Setting the Mood - the OM Way


In our opinion, one of the easiest ways to set the mood is aromatherapy. When we're at home we'll diffuse our favourite single oils and signature blends in our diffuser to envelop the room and help us feel at ease. We often choose blends like Fresh Start and Focus in the morning, and reach for Peace or Head Space in the evening.

Then we'll reach for a beverage of choice - maybe coffee, matcha, or tea to help us feel cozy and grounded, or to give us a little energy boost, whichever we need. 

Our OM Self Care Ritual Essentials

Once the mood is set, we'll begin our self care rituals. We love starting with our Dry Brush before hopping in the bath or shower. In just a couple of minutes this brush exfoliates dry skin, improves circulation, and promotes lymph drainage, leaving our skin soft, smooth and invigorated. Not to mention how beautiful it looks in our bathroom next to our bath soaks and scrubs!

If we're home for any length of time, we love applying our Coconut Milk Hair Mask to soften and revitalize our locks. Depending on how our hair feels, we’ll even add a couple drops of our Olive Leaf Scalp Treat or our Wild Plum Hair Oil. Reach for our Scalp Treat when you need to restore an itchy scalp, and our Hair Oil when your hair is feeling extra thirsty! While our hair is soaking up the goodness, we'll make the most of this time by enjoying our skincare rituals.

A complete skincare ritual is a must. Between the different colours, textures, and scents of our handcrafted products, we simply can't go without. Discover your complete OM skincare ritual here

While our skincare products soak into our complexion, we'll hydrate our body from head to toe.

We most often reach for our light yet nourishing Hand + Body Lotions, but sometimes a little extra time at home means we'll choose an oil, like our Pink Coconut Body Oil. A blend of plant based oils gives your skin a radiant, moisturized glow while the scent of pink coconut invokes feelings of a tropical escape. Take things to the next level by pairing our body oils with one of our lotions for two layers of rich moisture.

On top of how cozy and at ease our rituals make us feel, we love how beautiful and inviting all of our products look on our bathroom countertops, inside skincare cabinets, and on bedside tables, truly embodying our OM at Home energy.

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