OM On the Go

OM On the Go

Summer holidays look a little bit different this year, meaning we've all had to get more creative as we learn how to enjoy our immediate surroundings. So whether you're at the local beach, in the mountains or exploring the streets of your hometown, we've laid out the OM essentials you need to stay calm and cool in summer heat.


The Beach

Visiting the beach brings the warmth of the summer sun, the salty air, and the incredible sense of calm we feel being close to water. 

It also brings sun exposed skin, dry hair, and a change in humidity that can cause unwanted blemishes to appear. Luckily you've got your OM essentials covered!

First you'll need a versatile, Oversized Beach Towel in a fast drying, highly absorbent cotton terry velour fabric. We love toting this towel from the beach to the park, using it as a cover up, and even in our homes as a throw.

When it comes to sun exposed skin, our Blue Azul After Sun Mist is our first step. With a beautiful blue colour that reminds us of the tropics, this refreshing and revitalizing mist works instantly to soothe irritated skin. We love to spray this all over, from head to toe, to refresh and cool our skin.

No summer adventure is complete without a little sweat! Should any spots appear, treat them with our Clarity Blemish Treatment. While this is absolutely a daily essential, it’s especially nice after a day (or week!) at the beach when your skin needs extra support. Powerhouse ingredients like blue tansy, black cumin seed, and rosehip oil will seriously reduce inflammation and keep your skin clear.

While we lust after textured hair from salt water, we don’t love the dryness. Give your locks a little TLC after a day in the water with our Wild Plum Hair Oil. Apply a couple drops on dry ends or give yourself a scalp treatment before hopping in the shower.

Now that you’ve got your OM beach essentials, you’ll just need a cute swimsuit, a floppy hat, and a good book! Oh, and lots of water!

The Mountains

If the beach isn't your thing, maybe you’re dreaming of a mountain trip full of afternoon hiking, lazing by the river, or evening campfires. Unfortunately, you're probably not dreaming of the bug bites and skin irritations that come with!

In that case, you'll need to pack our Essential Summer Mist. This mist is your go-to for keeping bugs at bay, naturally. We created this blend with just six natural ingredients so it's safe for you, for sensitive skin, and for the environment around you!

After a day of hiking not only will you need a shower but you'll need an Underarm Salt Detox! Give your underarms a break with exfoliating and detoxifying salts, soothing oils, and bacteria-fighting extracts. You can even use it alone or pair with a natural deodorant.

The last thing you'll need on your mountain trip is a deeply nourishing Whipped Body Butter to soothe irritated skin from your time in the woods. We blended shea, cocoa, and mango butter with coconut and babassu oil to create a perfectly luxurious whipped body butter. It'll soothe dry patches, irritation, even the occasional scrape or scratch.

The City

Maybe you'd prefer to stay close to home and enjoy your own city! 

What was once a bit boring and mundane might be just the thing you need now that you've had some time at home to refresh your perspective. From a new park to a new brunch (takeout) spot, enjoy that newfound love for the city you call home with these OM essentials. 

To protect your skin from the city's pollution, apply our Charcoal + Matcha Detoxifying Masque once or twice per week. Activated bamboo charcoal and matcha are the perfect pairing for a dose of brightness, clarity, and antioxidants - the perfect ritual after a day of wandering the city streets. 

If you're in need of a moment of calm amidst the city noise, reach for our Peace Signature Roll On. Notes of sweet orange, bergamot, lavender, and geranium will help you feel grounded and at peace, ready to take on all the excitement your city has to offer. 

Don't forget your Cheek + Lip Tint to keep you rosy all day long. Formulated with botanical extracts and ethically sourced beeswax, this tint is a wonderful, multipurpose beauty essential for everything from the park to brunch!

Whether you're visiting the beach, the mountains, or the city, consider our Minis, the perfect sized dose of OM for your adventures.

We hope this guide helps elevate your on-the-go beauty rituals. If you have any questions reach out at!

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