Take Care of It Now: Words of Wisdom on Preventative Skin Care

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In the day-to-day of taking care of everything and everyone that needs us—our children, our partner, our work, our friends, our pets, our garden—sometimes we dont get around to taking care of ourselves or our skin the way wed like to. And yet, skin care is just like everything else: take care of it today, and your future self will thank you.

When it comes to preventative skin care that promotes radiant complexion as you age, what do we recommend? Through years of helping women achieve healthy, glowing skin across various skin types and stages of life, here are our words of wisdom.


Make the basics a ritual 

Those few minutes at the start and end of your day cleansing and moisturizing make all the difference. Bringing in a little extra care with masks and exfoliating when you have more time helps too. 

Your skins most basic needs are for you to:

  • remove impurities and balance your pH with cleansers and toners 
  • nourish with oils, moisture creams and masks specific to your skin type
  • exfoliate gently to help with cellular turnover 

When these steps become habit—a skin care routine that you carry on as best you can—what youre really doing is ensuring youll have healthy skin for years to come. 


Get better sleep

While youre snoring away, dreaming of that holiday, your body is not just resting.Its also in repair mode, restoring tissue thats been damaged by environmental stresses and boosting elastin production. When you get a full nights sleep, youre more likely to wake up with skin thats glowing and clear—and ready to take on another day.


Do the best you can for your body

Your skin can act as a mirror for your health. When you enjoy the wellbeing that comes from drinking water, eating healthy food, being active and enjoying positive experiences—that often translates to nourished skin thats plump and balanced. 

A healthy lifestyle really is the foundation of preventative skin care, and no products can reverse an unhealthy lifestyle. 


Think of your skin in 10 or 20 years—and hydrate accordingly

While your skin may only be just starting to show signs of aging, in the years to come, wrinkles, fine lines and sunspots will appear and the skin will start to loosen as collagen production slows. By using mindfully crafted products now, you can infuse your skin with nutrients that hydrate deeply and help offset changes at the cellular level. 

What does that mean for your skin care regime today? 

  • Drink water and enjoy a diet rich in hydrating, plant-based foods 
  • Use a cream-based moisturizer with a humectant that pulls in moisture to plump up skin cells and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles

TRY: Coconut Dew Hyaluronic Moisture Cream

  • Combine a toner and face oil rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to defend against free radical damage and boost your skin’s firmness and elasticity. A water-based, lipophilic oil can penetrate and hydrate into the deep layers of your skin for noticeable, lasting softness. Oily skin needs this top-up of nourishment too—you just need the right oil.  The addition of a water-based skin toner like the Pink Coconut Hydrating Mist can help the oil penetrate into the deep layers of your skin for noticeable, lasting softness.

TRY: Marula & Cactus Age-Defying Face Oil

TRY: Pink Coconut Hydrating Mist

A simple but effective skin care practice focused on moisturizing today will pay off in spades in the years to come. Learn more in our article How your skin changes as you age and why your skincare routine should too. (link when live)


Keep the suns rays at bay

When youre enjoying a beach day with your kids or a run with a friend, be sure youre protecting your skin with a great hat and good sunscreen. 

Here are some of the best toxin free sunscreens we recommend: 

SPF for the face: The Detox Market’s Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30

SPF for the body: The Detox Market’s SPF 50 Lightly Scented Sunscreen


Switch up your winter and summer skin care

Where your cheeks were chapped and red in January, your July skin brings an oily T-zone. Consider small changes to your routine so you can give your skin what it needs in different seasons. 

For example, our lightweight and fast-absorbing Rosehip and Black Cumin Perfecting Face Oil might be ideal for you for summer, and in winter, your skin might benefit our uber nourishing Marula and Cactus Age Defying Face Oil. 


What do you want the skin of your future self to look like? Discover a line of non-toxic skin care products crafted with care for all skin types and stages so your skin always its most beautiful.

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