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The Om Organics Community: A Few Small Ways We’ve Done Our Part

The Om Organics Community: A Few Small Ways We’ve Done Our Part
For us, formulating totally clean non-toxic skin care products is just a piece of the bigger picture—the community we are supported by and the community we are growing. Here are just some of the ways we’ve helped to make an impact beyond the bottling line.

We love that we have been able to create stable, meaningful careers for women in our community!

Some of our women team members have joined us after focusing on motherhood. They love raising a family in a smaller community and wanted to contribute to their household. They hoped for something that, for them, was more rewarding. Mostly, though, they wanted to be a part of a company that shares their values.

We are so fortunate to have a few such women who have learned everything about Om Organics and have developed their careers with us, moving into important roles such as Head of Production and Wholesale Manager.

We love shopping local for Om! Whenever we need raw ingredients, such as honey, we visit producers in our area. Even if we need an order of sea salt or sugar, instead of placing a bulk order direct, we order raw materials through local vendors.

We have gained so much energy and momentum from having our apothecary/production shop in downtown Invermere. When COVID-19 began to change how stores could operate, and in the midst of already needing more production space, we realized we had an opportunity on our hands.

So, we closed the retail side of our store and teamed up with Her Public Boutique (a local business) up the street who began carrying Om Organics products. She now has all this wonderful foot traffic, and we’ve been able to amp up production and make even more of our treasured natural skin care products. We still get to see our fans as we prepare online orders for curbside pickup in Invermere, and we love printing off shipping labels to customers across Canada and beyond.

We also love supporting local fundraising campaigns by donating Om Organics favourites to go in raffle baskets and the like.

As the formulators of clean, non-toxic skin care products, we take our role as skin care educators seriously. We really are here to help people better understand their skin and how certain ingredients can help each skin type achieve beautiful results.

In the early days at Farmers’ Markets to our apothecary to the queries we get through our website, we have always felt honoured to be a source of skin care support and guidance. We’re sure our region must have a small army of skin savvy women who will take forward what they know about how to give the skin the care it deserves—and that’s kind of amazing!

Thank you for being part of the Om Organics community!

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