The OM Protocol

The OM Protocol

Spend any lazy Sunday scrolling your Instagram feed and you’ll likely see your favourite influencers talking about an array of beautiful elixirs and face oils wrapped in gorgeous packaging. So, as you’re increasingly exposed to clean beauty, we think it's important to understand the true benefits of natural ingredients, including what they do and how they do it. Elixirs and face oils are the most talked about products in the skin care world, but what is the actual difference between them? 

Elixir vs. Face Oil

Elixirs provide skin with a concentrated blend of active ingredients that specifically target areas of concern. From fine lines to inflammation to acne, our carefully selected botanicals absorb deeply to treat and improve.

Face oils contain various essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, and work in partnership with elixirs to nourish and seal in hydration while absorbing directly into the top layer of skin. As we age, we begin to lose our natural ability to produce sebum, thankfully the properties of your face oil improve lipid barrier function and mimic that process to help retain moisture and protect from environmental stressors.

The Power of the Potion

There are many benefits to combining our elixirs and oils together. It’s an all-natural way to create a perfect potion, by customizing the various properties of our elixirs and oils, creating superior all-natural nourishment. Face oils absorb much deeper into the skin when blended with an elixir allowing your skin to drink up all the key ingredients in a way that’s never too light, never too heavy!

The OM Protocol

Take a dime size of elixir in the palm of your hand and add 1 - 5 drops of face oil directly into the elixir. Use your palms to blend the products together before smoothing over face and neck.

The Blends

Youth Infusion Age Defying Elixir & Marula + Cactus Age Defying Face Oil pairs together to increase your production of collagen, while plumping skin to reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

Youth Infusion Age Defying Elixir Rosehip + Black Cumin Seed Face Oil creates a potion that increases your production of collagen to tone and tighten, and clarifies your complexion while improving skin tone, texture and pigmentation.

Pure + Calm Infusion Perfecting Elixir  & Marula + Cactus Age Defying Face Oil minimizes redness and inflammation and brightens complexion, while providing a youthful glow leaving skin renewed.

Pure + Calm Infusion Perfecting Elixir & Rosehip + Black Cumin Seed Face Oil combines to create a potion that calms, plumps, and hydrates skin, while nourishing to heal and strengthen.


We love switching things up and customizing our protocol based on the current needs of our complexion. Have you given it a try?

~ OM Organics

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