What does your skin need to recover from summer?

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Maybe it was just so darn nice to finally feel the sun on your skin that you ignored that nagging thought, about putting on a hat or more sunscreen. Maybe you saw your best girlfriends and stayed up all night, drinking the drinks that you love to drink together. Maybe on that hike, the climb and the views and the forest around you were just so incredible, you didn’t want to stop for water.

And now it’s September. And with all that wonderful indulging, your skin is crying out: Help!

If your summer glow is fading and your complexion is looking lacklustre, we’ve got the science behind why and three easy ways for you to restore your natural brightness!

4 ways to help your skin recover from summer

    1. Use a good exfoliant twice a week

      The reasons our skin can start to look dull in early September is because there’s a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface from so much sun exposure.

      To make your fall skin care regime most effective, start with a good exfoliant to get rid of those dead skin cells.

      There are two types of exfoliants: chemical and mechanical. A chemical exfoliant uses AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or lactic acid to dissolve dead skin cells. A mechanical exfoliant uses grit massaged into the skin to slough off the surface layers and make way for bright new skin cells. You can use either, but at this time of year, when our skin is especially depleted, we recommend a mechanical exfoliant.

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      Om Organics’ Cocoa Coffee Exfoliating Dust breaks through the layers of dead skin cells, and yet it’s perfectly gentle—leaving you with glowing, baby soft skin.


      2. Infuse your skin with a potent moisturizing serum

      Now that you have bright, fresh skin cells to work with, your serum or elixir can penetrate deeply and work its magic!

      Serums allow your skin to attract and retain water so your skin feels soft, replenished and hydrated—so important after everything we do to our skin in the summer. Look for an elixir or serum made from the highest quality ingredients, including:

      • hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and plumps up your skin cells
      • vitamin C, the holy grail of after-sun skin care ingredients because it brightens and lightens, in part by inhibiting the melanin production that create sun spots
      • prickly pear seed oil, a less common but bountiful source of antioxidants that is extremely rich in vitamin K to lighten hyper-pigmentation (aka sun spots)


      • Help slow the aging process
      • Protect your skin from sun damage & environmental stressors

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      3. Nibble your way to great skin

      It’s true! Some of the most delicious fruits of the season are your ticket to restoring healthy skin.

      We recommend bowls and bowls of:

      • Blueberries, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants
      • Watermelon, incredibly hydrating and full of lycopene, which absorbs UVA and UVB radiation


      4. Get a seasonal facial performed by a medical esthetician

      Not your 'average' facial. What you want is a facial that delivers a deeper treatment you just need a professional to perform.

      At the end of summer, we recommend recommend a Hydrafacial, an extremely deep but natural and gentle treatment that begins with a peel-like exfoliation. Using a special machine, Hydrafacials then remove debris from your pores and nourish with moisturizers before infusing and sealing serums right into your skin, giving you a soothing, out-of-this-world glow.

      Of course, now that you’ve done all this wonderful work for your skin, be sure to give your skin the best protection and care every day—all year round—by wearing an SPF. Even if it’s cloudy. Even if it’s winter. Even if you work inside! It makes all the difference, and your future self will thank you.

      Looking for other natural yet effective skin care products to help you achieve your healthiest skin throughout the seasons? From oils and mists to lotions and elixirs, View Om Organics’ plant-based skin care by skin type, bestsellers, minis and more!

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