Your Ultimate Guide to Blemish Prone Skin

Your Ultimate Guide to Blemish Prone Skin

Dealing with blemish prone skin can be incredibly frustrating. Pimples and congestion always seem to appear right before an important event, after an intense deadline, or just when you thought you'd managed to sort out your skincare routine.

At OM we're no stranger to blemish prone skin, so today, we're breaking down the many causes, ways to support a balanced complexion, and of course our favourite OM protocol!

What Causes Blemish Prone Skin?

There are many factors at play with blemish prone skin, including stress levels, sleep quality, hydration, and digestive health - and let's not forget hormones and genetics! All of these internal factors can impact how the skin behaves, but while it may not be as obvious, your skincare routine can also exacerbate sensitive, reactive skin. Our favourite way to care for blemish prone skin is with a holistic approach that targets body, mind and soul.


3 Ways to Support Blemish Prone Skin

You've probably heard that stress, sleep, and hydration are the pillars of healthy skin. You've probably heard it so much you've already tuned us out, and we understand. But seriously! This trio is the first place to start because supporting your skin through stress management, quality sleep, and hydration are three simple and accessible practices.

  1. Stress Management: When you're stressed, your body increases production of cortisol, one of the body's stress hormones, which can increase your sebaceous gland activity, producing excess oil and sebum. Not only does this result in more blemishes, but it can also cause increased skin sensitivity. Manage stress levels by practicing self-care, finding movement every day, eating whole foods, and making time for what you enjoy.

  2. Sleep Hygiene: Without proper sleep, not only are you often more stressed, but your skin doesn't have the same opportunity to repair and renew. Lack of sleep can also result in reduced collagen production and skin hydration, encouraging a dull, textured complexion and compromised skin barrier. Get eight hours of beauty sleep (literally!) every night to ensure your skin has the time to repair, boost collagen production, and maintain clarity.

  3. Hydration: Adequate hydration is important for basically every function in the human body! Water helps improve digestion, improve nutrient absorption and encourage detoxification and waste removal - all super important factors in skin health! Ensure you're staying hydrated by keeping a (reusable) water bottle with you at all times.

The OM Protocol for Blemish Prone Skin

Your skincare ritual is a wonderful way to support blemish prone skin through targeted treatments meant to reduce inflammation, balance bacteria and encourage healing.

We love our Spirulina Tonic Clarifying Mist as a clarifying, detoxifying daily toner. This lightly hydrating facial mist is specially formulated for problematic, sensitive, and combination skin. A potent blend of purifying helichrysum and rosemary combine with vitamin-rich Spirulina to eliminate toxins while increasing skin metabolism.

We can't talk about blemish prone skin without mentioning our Clarity Blemish Treatment. This best-selling customer favourite is full of powerful ingredients like blue tansy, black cumin seed oil, and rosehip oil, all of which work together to reduce inflammation, target redness, and keep congestion at bay. Enjoy as a spot treatment, all over face oil, or as an addition to creams, masks, or serums.

Consider our Perfecting duo a must-have for reactive skin! Our Pure + Calm Infusion Perfecting Elixir is packed with potent antioxidants to protect your skin, including an effective blend of anti-inflammatory skullcap, licorice root, and hyaluronic acid.

Follow your elixir with our Rosehip + Black Cumin Perfecting Face Oil, a special blend of rosehip, cranberry, and black cumin oils that work together to instantly hydrate (yes, please) while also improving skin tone, texture, and pigmentation.

Up last but definitely not least is our Charcoal + Matcha Detoxifying Face Masque! Enjoy once or twice per week to provide skin with a major dose of antioxidants and clarity along with a detoxifying boost from charcoal - all of which work together to reveal bright, glowing skin. 

We hope this Ultimate Guide to Blemish Prone Skin helps you create an effective beauty and wellness ritual! Shop our curated collection for blemish prone skin here and get in touch with any questions!

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