Benefits of Marula Oil

marula oil

If you want to go beyond that radiance to give skin all-day moisture, plumpness and a silky-soft finish, use a face oil with marula. How does marula oil work its magic, and why is it such a sought-after ingredient right now?

While face oils and marula oil are trending now in skin care, it’s been one of our ultra-luxe ingredients for years. That’s because as we set out to create a serum that would give the skin its most healthy, luminous sheen, we discovered what was then a little-known oil from Africa.

What is marula oil? 

Marula trees are found in the woodlands of southern Africa and in the hot, dry fields of western Africa. For ages, marula seed oil has been pressed and used on the skin and hair to nourish, shine and lock in moisture. We thought, if this tree and its oils can stand up to droughts in Africa, what could it do in the face of Canadian winters? What could it do for the skin types that need the most nourishment?

It turns out, marula oil is a powerhouse for the skin—bringing radiance, suppleness and next-level hydration. In Om’s line of pure, plant-based skin care, marula oil is one of the decadent actives in our Marula + Cactus Nourishing Face Oil, and it’s used as a base oil in several other products. 

How does marula oil work?

Marula oil has an incredible ability to give the skin what it needs most. It acts like the sebum layer of the skin—and it also contains high levels of:

-Fatty acids (linoleic and oleic acid, and Omega 3, 6 and 9) to nourish deeply and absorb quickly, plus treat inflammation

-Antioxidants (Vitamin C and E) to help prevent sun damage and reduced elastin and collagen production, which happens with age

Marula oil is also a star at sealing in moisture, so it’s a brilliant pairing with our ultra-hydrating elixirs.

What results does marula oil provide?

When you start using our Marula + Cactus oil, what you’ll almost instantly start to feel and see is:

-A noticeable, natural glow

-Smoothing around fine lines

-More firmness

-Calm, balanced skin tone

-A silkiness to the touch

What makes marula oil different from other oils? 

Beyond an amazing make-up of antioxidants and fatty acids, marula oil is non-comedogenic, which means it absorbs quickly and won’t clog your pores. Along with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s super effective on acne-prone and sensitive skin. 

What’s the best way to use marula oil? 

With such soluble actives and its barrier function, we love blending a few drops of our marula and cactus face oil with a water-based elixir. The elixir hydrates deeply and helps make the oil even more spreadable so its nutrients are absorbed and can lock in moisture. Learn more in our article: Serums, Oils & Moisturizers: The Layering Effect

For very dry skin or winter days, add a top layer of moisture cream for extra sealing. Your skin just can’t get any more hydrated than this.

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